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Bat manure ( guano )

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The raw materials of this product is seaweed, humic acid and amino acid. After processed by high temperature fermentation, concentration, spraying, etc, the product is finally made to black or brow shiny granular fertilizer. During the production process, we add some necessary trace element which plants need, biological organic selenium and biological bacterial protein which are favorable to human health. These will meet the growth demand of plants.

Application Methods:

(1)Broadcast the fertilizer: 600-800KG per Hectare.

(2)Furrow application: Mainly used for fruit trees. Dig a hole for every single tree and every tree using 1-3KG fertilizer.

(3)Mix it with water and used for irrigation. Mix 10KG fertilizer with 1000L water. Use 200KG per Hectare.


5/10/20/25KG Kraft Bag or PP Bag Package.

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