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Ammonium chloride granular

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Specification of  Ammonium chloride 

MOISTURE           %  ≤ 0.5 0.22

SIZE(2.00mm- 4.00mm)  %  ≤ 75 80
Ph200g/L  25
NITROZEN CONTENT   %   25 25.42

Ammonium chloride can be applied as nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. It has two dosage forms of powder and granular. Granular ammonium chloride is not easy to absorb moisture and is easy to store, while powdered ammonium chloride is more used as the basic fertilizer for producing compound fertilizer. It is a physiological acid fertilizer. It is not suitable for application on acid soil and saline-alkali soil because it contains more chlorine. It should not be used as seed fertilizer, field fertilizer or foliar fertilizer. It is also not suitable for avoiding chlorine crops (such as tobacco, potato, citrus, tea tree, etc.). ) applied. Ammonium chloride is highly effective and stable in rice fields, because it can inhibit the nitrification of rice fields, favor the formation of rice stem fiber, increase toughness, and reduce rice lodging and pest invasion.

Product Use:
Ammonium Chloride can be used in dry cell, dying, tanning, electrical plating. It can be also used as welding and hardener in moulding of precision castings and also used as Oil Drilling Chemical.   
Ammonium chloride is used as industrial raw material, to produce dry battery, storage battery, and other salt of ammonium, additive of electroplate, welding of metals cosolvent. 
Used as dyeing auxiliary, and also tinning tinplating, galvanize, tanning leather, making candle, chelating agent, chromizing and precision casting.
An important use of ammonium chloride is as electrolyte in dry cell batteries where it is used because it is an ionic compound. Ammonium chloride is also used in etching in the manufacture of printed circuits, as a fire extinguisher, an explosive in mineral winning and as a curing agent in formaldehyde-based adhesives.

Ammonium Chloride Agricultural Grade - Shandong Yili

Ammonium Chloride Agricultural Grade ... Appearance: White crystal/granular ... Granular ammonium chloride is not easy to absorb moisture and is easy to store, while powdered ammonium chloride is more ... Particle Size(2.00-4.00 mm) %

Fertilizer Chemicals - United Fertilizer Chemical Co

Calcium Chloride Anhydrous-Feed Grade 94%, Particle Size 0.8-1.5mm · Calcium ... Calcium Ammonium Nitrate-Fertilizer Grade Granular 1-4.75mm ... Amino acid · D-cysteine hydrochloride monohydrate agricultural complex Amino acid 

Granules Ammonium Chloride, 5- 25 Lit, Rs 16 /kilogram

Packaging Size, 5- 25 Lit ... 12125-02-9; Other Names Ammonium muritate, Sal ammoniac, NH4CL; MF NH4CL; EINECS No. 235-186-4; Place of Origin Tianjin China (Mainland); Grade Standard Agriculture and industrial grade; Purity 99.3% 

Effects of Ammonium Chloride Fertilizer and its Application

on Cadmium Concentrations in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Grain ... (1NARO Western Region Agricultural Research Center, 6-12-1 Nishifukatsu, ... application of the Cl-containing fertilizer ammonium chloride (NH4Cl), with the aim ... soil surface area and 3.2 L soil volume. ... and ammonium sulfate were of fertilizer grade

Ammonium Chloride Granular Fertilizer/Agricultural Grade

China Ammonium Chloride Granular Fertilizer/Agricultural Grade with Cheap Price, Find details about China Ammonium Chloride, ... granular size: 1-3mm

Agricultural Grade Ammonium Chloride as Fertilizer Ens: 235-186-4

This hot water then circulates through a pipe to the home'Yg6 Diameter 45mm ... Agriculture Ammonium Chloride Powder Fertilizer Grade 99.5% Nh4cl'99.5% 

Agriculture Ammonium Chloride Powder Fertilizer Grade 99.5

China Agriculture Ammonium Chloride Powder Fertilizer Grade 99.5% Nh4cl, Find details about China Agriculture ... Particel size(2.00mm-4.00mm) /% ≥. 75

Ammonium chloride | NH4Cl - PubChem

Ammonium chloride | NH4Cl or ClH4N | CID 25517 - structure, chemical names, physical ... Colorless crystals or crystalline masses, or white, granular powder ... Technical grade ammonium chloride is widely available as the crystalline salt; technical rods ... Pesticide, fertilizer, and other agricultural chemical manufacturing
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